26 May 2008

First Private Client

So Today I went and saw my first OT client outside of my work at DDRC. I have to day I was pretty nervous and kinda not sure if I would know what to do. The kiddo is older than I see and could give direct feedback.
Since we played legos and had a strong person competition I was told the session was okay and I could come back.
I also applied for a Medicare number to become a provider. This should open up a new door for me. Wider variety of ages and abilities. This is a big step for me.

19 May 2008

Do you work here?

Michael's Crafts is about the best place a gal can go get a picture framed. They will pretty much let you have the freedom to go behind the counter and help your self to frames and mats. It is awesome for a person like me who demands creative control. Just recently I went in to frame a painting Jason's Grandma did for his office and while I was there I was asked not once, or twice but three times for help. That is pure talent folks.
Framing is a weird experience...at least for me. You start down this creative path and forge ahead without looking at the horizon and when you are done you end up some where very unexpected. Beautiful but unexpected. Is this just me? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, here is what I ended up with. (This framing decision took an hour.) I was pretty darn pleased so I thought I would share.

18 May 2008

Tea Reading

Every third Thursday of the month I go over to a different subdivision and sit in on their book club. The women in this group are about 7 to 15 years older than I am. Very Historia Lane for those who watch or know of desperate house wives.
This month we read Three Cups of Tea about the dude that funds and builds schools in basically a huge Middle Eastern war zone. Clearly a non-fiction. This seems to be harder to discuss, at least from this point of view. It is the facts (or embellished facts) of someone's life rather than the underlying message of the character or the book. In the end it is what it is and there is not much to interpret. I like to keep this personal opinion in mind as the discussion happens.
Now, the book discussion asks questions like "What was the importance of Greg not summiting K2?" or "What was the importance of Greg coming to the village of Korphe?" Really, it is a no brainer. And all the other women start talking about if he had not gotten to the village he would not be doing what he is doing....this leads into "deeper" discussion about other cultures. (Same conversation, different book club meeting.) Fast forward to Alice (not her real name) talking about this Muslim woman she is doing some "work on" who has lived in the US for 16 years and holds fast to her Syrian culture by wearing traditional clothing. Alice says this woman feels separated from our society and longs for closer connections to other women. Alice than says well if she took off the "damn garb" maybe she would have better luck. I can't help but see the irony in the fact we are a bunch of white women talking about the amazing life of an American man with an open heart who accepts and respects Middle Eastern culture and as a result changes the world a little at a time and yet ....

By the way, I have added a On the Shelf section to the blog. These are the intent to read books that may be getting dusty.

15 May 2008

All about the PB

This is so sad. I went to log on to post and I already forgot my damn password. I may have to change it each time I log on. This is beside the point....

My whole point is PB Loco has a new flavor peanut butter with caramel. Get a free jar.

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All peanut butter must be shipped to the same address for the offer to apply.

Offer expires May 27, 2008.

13 May 2008

Moms Blog Too

My family teases me because I take an insane and slightly obsessive amount of pictures of the boy. In an effort to "balance" out my life and share the many other facets of my very full life I have decided to be brave and create this blog. This in some ways is too bad since just this past weekend I was saying how I should not be left alone with my thoughts. Ha! Now all of you get to share with me. Lucky you. So, please enjoy the madness or the sadness (depending on your view point).