20 September 2009

Went to a "High School" Wedding

Wedding fare:
3 types of mac n' cheese with bacon bits
chow mien

Okay they are in their early 20's (like 21 and 22) but it FELT like a high school prom

18 September 2009

You have made your bed.....

Choices. Choices. This has been on my mind lately. Just thinking about the impact of choices - both direct or indirect and maybe even unseen. The power of one person can be enormous.
Where is all of this heavy thinking coming from? Oh, I am cleaning the basement (yet again) and making space in the closet. In the process I HAVE to go through all of those things in boxes. Old letters, wedding pictures, thank you cards, cards of other occasions all in boxes waiting to be dusted off and looked through. It can suck a person in or at least a person like me.
Anyway, looking through my wedding pictures (still in a hugh box and not in an album) and emotions began to stir. It is not so much the pictures of the event but all of the relationships represented in the photos. Relationships which either still exist but have changed because of choices others or myself have made. There are also those relationships that have ended either through death or divorce or break-up. All choices made by someone or for someone. Some choices still affect people's lives today - like ripples in the water or more appropriately after-shock waves behind a earth quake. Perhaps that is why some of these things are still in boxes gathering dust. It can be easier to deal with.

12 September 2009

The Horror!

While I have plenty of stories to tell about my recent travel adventures to NYC and thoughts about life, I will entertain with a different story. I call it "Not MY Kid".

There are certain stories you hear over and over from parents whose kids are older than yours. As you listen, rocking back and forth, holding your swaddled bundle of goodness you think "Oh, that will never happen to me. Not MY child." Examples of these stories may include biting other children at daycare, throwing an all out tantrum in your favorite store or coloring with permanent marker on the walls. Or perhaps something like this....

Ring the bell. Marilyn answers the door.
"Oh, hi Neve." Yells down stairs, "JERRY! It's Rowan's mom."
Rowan comes running upstairs and roars as he grabs my legs.
Jerry peaks around Marilyn. "Did she tell you what this little urchin did today during nap? He was lucky I wasn't here."
"No. What?" Furrowed brow.
"He took off his pants, his shirt and his poopy diaper then played in it."
Blink. Blink. Thinking inside head (NOT MY CHILD.)
Marilyn pipes in, "I don't think he was too happy about it. He did not seem to like his choice. We got him cleaned up pretty good."
What?! "He takes off his clothes?"
"Oh, yeah. He always takes off his socks and pants during nap."
Humph! News to me. So glad we have been WORKING SO HARD ON DRESSING AT HOME.
"I guess it is time to potty train. Like it or not."
Mumble apologies and try to get out as quickly as possible. So glad I can join the official ranks of "Did you hear what so-and-so's child did?".

03 September 2009

Get ready for the cha-cha-cha. NYC here I come!

02 September 2009

I have been shamelessly watching the video of Rowan laughing so hard he pees his diaper on FB. Love it.