27 March 2009

You are What You Eat

Little man and I are sitting having lunch. Soft foods, as I am recovering from the fat purple lip he gave me last night. (I do enjoy I have the full lips of Angelina Jolie but could do with out the purple.) As we are eating our beefed up Annie's mac n' cheese I wonder how many other parents eat what their kid eats. Perhaps that is why the weight is slowly creeping back up to the thighs and is getting rather cozy. Is that where the phrase cottage cheese thighs comes from?....

10 March 2009

Same Cafe Link

Please check it out. This cafe is run by a woman I knew from high school. The cafe was just spot lighted on CBS nightly news.

The premises of the cafe is everyone pays what they can either through money or volunteering. This way everyone who come through the door can have a meal.

Please share with ALL of the people you know.

09 March 2009

It is a Start...

Yes, that is the same basement. Now onto carpet and paint.