27 August 2009

So, the floor will have to dry out and then be refinished. So, much for knocking on wood.

24 August 2009

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

Wednesday evening I went for a real road bike ride with hills and other bikers (who smoked me at every turn). 45 minutes of breaking on downhills and sucking wind on the inclines. Towards the end I am proud to say I took some downhills without breaks and discovered the joys of road biking. As as result I found my smile that has been missing for months. Apparently I needed to find my smile to prepare me for the next 72 hours.
I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat and brushed it off. By 3:00 my head was throbbing and little trolls took icepicks to my ears. By 6:00 I was calling my husband to come home NOW! Got a fever and went to bed.
Woke up an Friday with the fever and head throb called all my clients to cancel. Managed to start my period. The day went on and my head was near explosion and I could not see straight so I called the doc and made Jason drive me. Beautiful sinus infection with double ear infections. Antibiotic...all is good.
Saturday was okay; still felt crappy but we had a good day.
Sunday was nice. Took a trip to the zoo. Went grocery shopping, had dinner, gave the kid a bath and started putting him to bed. 10 till 8 listen to some snotty message from unnamed relative who can't tell time. Annoyed move into kid's bedroom to read stories. In the middle of the story Jason comes up and tells me to make it quick because the washing machine has flooded the bottom floor. Eyes bug out much like Roger Rabbit.
Join Jason down stairs to help clean up 1/2 inch of water over the entire floor. Move furniture into the garage. Pick up the sopping wet dust-fur balls that have been living under the furniture. Manage to get it all clean with out water damage (we think).
Our clothes are all over the deck along with the towels and rugs for all the neighbors to see. Our furniture and stereo equipment is safe but now takes up half the garage. At this point I am oddly grateful - we both are. Thanks to faulty genes I have several unfinished projects in the garage so we can't park the cars in there. Projects I did not get to finish because I got sick. Because of this we had room to put the furniture. Since the same genes make me late all the time we did not have time to throw in a load this morning before going to the zoo (Imagine the if Jason had not been there to stop the over flowing washer after 10 minutes....). To top it off we had already been shopping around to replace our machines that are 10 years old and eating clothes so we know which washer we want. And I am so happy we have hardwood floors and not carpet because we would still be cleaning and in a much bigger mess.
I guess my smile is more like a half smirk right now.

07 August 2009

First Friday

So, many of my colleagues work M - TR. Today was the first Friday I have worked in like 8 years (no joke). It felt weird. I was driving back down the hill from Evergreen and started calling people to talk about the kiddo I just had a visit with. Made the first call...no answer. Made the second call...no answer. Thought that is strange; I wonder what's going on at DDRC today. About 5 minutes later my puny brain thought "OH right! It is FRIDAY."

06 August 2009

Baby Steps - no pun intended

Hey-yo! I managed to email files and talk to a printer about getting prescription notepads and business cards printed. I have only been at this a year. My life will be WAY simpler with those stupid duplex pads.