21 June 2009

14 June 2009

11 June 2009

Queen of Rubbish

I am all cozy in the couch getting ready for some mind numbing TV. The kid is in bed (went super easy..yes!) and the husband is out with his band of biking brothers. (Yes, he met them AFTER the ride to have a beer?) Suddenly, from the monitor comes the infamous toddler sleepy moan then....
"Mom! Mom! Come here. Come here Mom." Repeat and continue for a few minutes.
I walk in his room he says nothing. I ask if it is too dark in here (at the same time run into the ottoman) and go to fix the night light. No response. Walk over to the bed and rub his back stating that it is time for night-night. As I do this a little toddler hand reaches out to find mine and.....
hands me this.....

Passes out into a sound sleep.

Mom - queen of unwanted refuse. (Kudos to anyone who gets the movie reference here : } )

The " Lilly" Garden - Phase June

08 June 2009

On a Deeper Note

Things have changed drastically in the last decade leaving some people behind in the dust. While sitting in the dust mound with the taste of dirt in my mouth I got to thinking. The art of communication has been defunct. A few years ago (by this I mean 10) all I used to do was hang out with my friends and talk at length about politics or religion or ice cream. Our cell phones and crack berries did not ring or buzz non stop interrupting conversation. It was just us in a world standing still. We paid attention and listened without the distraction of technology. It makes me sad to think about the effort it takes at times merely to get together face to face (rather than FB) with a friend. Far greater distances have been traveled than just across town. What is worse is reading blogs to find out about the latest in each others lives rather than making a phone call or better yet getting together for a cup of coffee.
People wonder why there is such a void or a feeling of longing in their lives.
Perhaps it is because the people are missing.
Maybe it is time to put the human back in humanity.

06 June 2009


Did I mention I tried to burn the house down the other day?
Last Friday in fact. I decide to make some brew for the hummingbird that never comes to my yard (but sits on the fence). I put 4 cups water with 1 cup sugar and set it to boil. As I turn on the stove I think "I'm going to forget about this" and walk away. Rowan and I go outside to play. About an hour and a half later in the middle of some extreme pruning I hear this high pitched beeping sound. What in the world is that?! Open the sliding glass door and smoke pours out. It is so thick I can't see and the smell burns my throat. I run and turn off the stove and start opening windows, doors and the garage. I am shocked no one called 911 because it looked as if the house were on fire. Smoke filled every room but the basement. The house airs out for several days before the campfire smell went away. The microwave still smells each time I use it and the stove has yellow smoke damage on it.
The pan is a caphalon ONE and is still in tact. I am a customer for life.
Here is a picture or two of the sugar water in the shape of the pan.


The worst sound in the world is the sound of toddler forehead smacking against the corner of the wall.
Busy making dinner on Tuesday and the kid is busy playing. He runs past me, trips and falls into the corner.
Oh, SHIT! Okay. Okay. Still conscious and so was the kid. Breathing, crying, talking.
I try to ice it and give motrin. Pace with kid in my arms until husband gets home.
Open garage door and go ballistic.

Pictures don't do the egg sized lump justice. It raised up about 1/2 inch. Yuck.


My sister and I were happily having a conversation about my Aunt's 50th birthday and shoes coming in the mail when call waiting beeps. First, I have problems keeping people on the line and answering call waiting. It is the husband so I click over to the best of my ability.
"Hey, what time does that urgent care close?"
"8:00. Why?"
"I don't want to tell you. I am having trouble moving my arm."
"Hold on."
Switch over and hang up with the sister while googling the other urgent care locations near the house. Successfully switch back to the husband.
"Jason. Let me call this place and I will call you back."
Call the urgent care closet to our house. It closes at 9:00. I look at the clock. 8:26. Sweet. Call husband.
"Go to the one by Wal-mart and I will meet you there." We heckle back and forth for a few minutes and I win.
Call Tracy and ask her to come over to watch Rowan (now asleep). She is at the door by the time I hang up the phone.
Swear to my self on the ride over. Turns out to be a broken arm. For all those who care -- proximal radial fracture at the ulnar head. Ortho on Monday.