30 May 2009

I wonder what would happen if I put as much time in to my house as I did on the computer?

28 May 2009

Morning Mama

7:00 am Enter son's room. Sit in rocking chair.

Son - "I want some chocolate."
Mama -"You can't have chocolate for breakfast!?"
Son delighted - "Yes!"
Mama- "You can't have chocolate for breakfast."
Son, still delighted - "Yes!"
Mama - "We are all out of chocolate."
Son - "I'm sad."

22 May 2009

The Best Part of Waking Up

My favorite time of the day is waking up before the hustle and bustle and having a cup of coffee. The smell and taste...mmmm.
Even better than that first cup of coffee are the care free showers. Showers in the basement bathroom (better shower head and hotter water) after the kid has left for daycare and the husband has left for work. A late morning appointment is on the books so there is no rush. Type on the computer for an hour or so enjoying that cup of coffee then shower. Silence of the house. Birds chirp outside, heat steams up the room and my mind is quiet. Quiet, just for that moment. It is easy to get lost here.

07 May 2009

I Just Don't Think This is Healthy

Had a really wonderful day and an all around good week. It needed to happen for me. So, I spent the evening at a fire station event in local Colorado with my family, this includes my Grandma Rita. Delicious moment. Great weather, crappy hot dogs, good company and a crazy little boy running around the fire station yelling "fire cock" (he appears to be having trouble with the word truck). We come home, my aunt stops by and we all share a glass of wine after putting the kid to bed. I water my plants in the moon light and enjoy the light breeze. What is my problem?

I come inside and get on the computer instead of going to bed. I go on to that devil site FB and read all these posts on the husband's FB page about how cute the pictures are of his kid (MY pictures thank you) and how much he looks like him. It makes me feel enraged. This is just wrong.

06 May 2009

05 May 2009

Sunny Days

It is just Tuesday and I am loving this week.
Sunday I went to yoga and saw some good friends. Then I got to got to the garden center by myself (paradise).
Came home and took the kid to see Earth. He sat through over and hour of the movie! Not bad for under two. It might help that we do no TV or videos at home.
Yesterday I managed to get 3 hours of gardening in before total darkness set in. It was kind of romantic in the Jane Austin sense to garden in the moon light.
Today I put a HUGH dent in the mess of papers we call a basement. Went to the ARC luncheon and saw soo many old families. Fun.

And the drum roll please.....I billed and will get paid for my first medicaid visit! And the crowd went wild!! Plus, there was a check from BCBS in the mail. Nice.