14 February 2009

A Love Story

Patience is a virtue especially when it comes to waiting. We wait something like a third of our lives.

Waited 9 years to open this bottle of wine. 9 years. We romanced it. Kept it cool. Kept it in the dark. Turned it every few months. Bought it a fridge. We loved this bottle of wine.

Today we went shopping and created a special dinner in it's honor. Lamb, none the less, with turnips, red onions from Chile and carrots. All organic of course.

We opened it up and let it acclimate for an hour so it could breath in it's surroundings. The table was set with our best wine glasses. Now it was time for that wine to shine....

And shine it did.

Tablas Creek Vineyard
2000 Esprit de Beaucastel

We loved that bottle of wine. It is a shame it had to leave so quickly.

05 February 2009