30 December 2008

Down Time?

The new year is looming over us like a pack of wolves waiting to pounce on their unsuspecting prey. Quick it is time to make resolutions to place near the bedside. It is the only way to help continue the cycle of guilt and feelings of overall failure. Do it now.

22 December 2008

Merry Christmas

If this doesn't put cheer in your heart...

01 December 2008

There is something completely humbling about learning other people have your same thoughts and ideas and the only unique thing is your DNA and finger prints.

26 November 2008


That is the sound of time passing by and the breeze blowing between my ears. What has come and gone besides time?

Thoughts about an election that brought tears to my eyes from relief and JOY. I bawled like a baby watching both McCain and Obama's speeches. Crying for the defeat of a hero. There was something so real about McCain in that moment. And crying full of hope. I was full of hope for my son's future in this great nation we live in, for the possible change that inevitably will come with change in leadership, for the eradication of old school values and the entrance of a new historical era. (Joy there was no way in HELL Palin would make it to the White House : )) Jason and I did sit on the couch for a while in disbelief as the predicted results came in and the race was decided by 9:30. (What do we do now? Go to bed?)

Then the iron sets in...Obama's victory suddenly is about his race when in his entire campaign it was never mentioned. For two long years Obama was a person first and now the press dis-empowered him (in my opinion). Now, I am not saying this was not a crazy important moment in all of American and Black History but Obama's campaign erased race making it a non-issue. Isn't that the first step to eliminating racism? Just a thought.

No it has been a waiting game. I am anxious to see what 2009 will bring.

17 October 2008

I want to be a...

Ringmaster. The family went to the Ringling Brothers last weekend. I think it was my first (and last) time going. If there has been circus visits in the past my subconscious has successfully block them out. The title of this round of performances was called "Over the Top". Let me tell you it was enough to drive anyone over the top. As I watched the clowns, tight rope walkers, trapeze artists and other "dancers" I thought to myself during childhood how many people imagine with clarity being the dude that rides the mini bike in the large metal ball? Do they say to themselves "When I grow up I want to be the clown with the green mow hawk."? How does one decide on the career path to be part of the Circus?

It was just strange. Like Chuck E Cheese on crack.

05 October 2008

Well people you may have noticed the change in scenery and not post to say what the heck is going on. It seems these days I am trying to fit my dinner on a cake plate and it simply is not working. The floor is a mess and the dogs are getting fat from the droppings.

Why the change of heart? Most likely it was a heart to heart. There is a split second in life when one realizes there is no easy division between work, home, child and self. That moment came during a Friday at home with the little man. He wasn't feeling well and was crying often. This made for a long day. The only saving grace were these little bottles of bubbles from my sister-in-laws wedding. As I sat on the floor blowing bubbles for like 45 minutes I thought "in case of emergency blow bubbles!". One thing lead to another and voila we have a blog make over. I figure every mother out there knows exactly what that title means. With the new title comes a more authentic style of writing and over all blog.

29 September 2008

If I ran the zoo

If I ran the CIA or FBI and we had some hard core criminal being interrogated I would use a whole new technique to break them. A poppy toddler diaper. Particularly, one after a kiddo tries a new food. Those hardened criminals would run out weeping for mercy after just a few whiffs of the foul mass. No Joke people.

29 August 2008


I am not a political person. I really try to stay out of those conversations at all costs by blatantly ignoring the person who is talking. (How rude.) But...I have to admit I watched Obama's speech last night and I am fired up! If I had a box and a megaphone I would be out in the Tipsy's parking lot campaigning(After a visit to the wine bar to loosen up-- I am an introvert after all). It is true, it got me ready to go sing his praise. Just ask my friend who ate breakfast with me this morning....I saw her tuning out and I kept going like those nuts I ignore.


I am nervous and scared. I think friends should start planning an intervention now.
Is this when it all starts to happen, when people turn to the dark side of becoming political junkies? 30 something, self-employed, free-thinking moms getting turned on to what the future dude in the white house is saying? Should I go find that soap box....

...or maybe I should just start on those damn reports. I need to get paid after all.

21 August 2008

Can we go to bed now?

Just spent five days in a extremely beautiful but very cold place at 9,500 feet in southern Colorado. I am exhausted due to a bad habit of not sleeping well in places other than my own bed. Add a not sleeping very well son into creaky old double bed on sleeping porch of an unheated cabin. Stir well until break of day. Dark circles not required but highly suggested.

Yes, that wood I am chopping is to heat the cabin despite the balmy 55 degree weather. (Upper 30's at night.) Feel really sorry for me.

Or look where I was and say "shut your yap"

Note: I added dates to the really needs to get done list to help create a sense of anxiety for the few readers I have.

13 August 2008

Morning time lapse

6:00 wake up
6:17 - 7:04 fake sleep till kid wakes up
7:05 make bottle and think about changing vet appointment
7:06 - 7:24 change kid's diaper and give bottle
7:25 pour cup of coffee and turn on computer
7:26-7:38 play with kid
7:38 call vet and change appointment
7:38-7:40 freak out a little
7:40-7:50 shower and get dressed
7:50-7:55 make breakfast for the kid
7:55-8:10 Feed kid breakfast and finally enjoy coffee
8:10-8:19 Get kid cleaned up and into clothes, prepare diaper bag, get collars on dogs and put in car, strap kid in car seat
8:19-8:24 Drive to vet
8:25 Get dogs and kid out of car and into vet's office. Stop and wonder how in the WORLD does anyone do this with two kids....

30 July 2008

Running With the Pack

So, Jason, Rowan and I were out for our nightly constitutional around the neighborhood and then to the school when we ran into a pack of border collies. A half dozen black and white herders, with long pink tongues hanging, out playing frisbee. They turned out dogs from the Colorado Disc Dogs. Well, way back in the day when Katie (white) and Abbey (red) were young we used to go throw the disc EVERY night. Then we moved, got busy jobs, had a kid and the dogs got fat. Tonight we chatted up a few people from the group and Katie got her feet wet again. One very lovely lady, Tracy, threw for Kate and gave her a few practice frisbees. And for those doubters of dog emotion out there I swear Kate was so happy she smiled all the way home.
We are back in the game!

19 July 2008

Dang it!

Seriously. I just got used to this wonderful world of two 1 and 1/2 hour naps a day and that damn baby decides 5 days before his first birthday to drop a nap. 3 days in a row with no afternoon nap. May as well kiss that puppy good bye. Is there no justice in this world?

14 July 2008

Lulu land

July 14th, 2008 is the day I became an aunt to Ana Sofia Zitzer. She was born this afternoon at 3:00 and weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces. What a crazy and amazing experience. I was blessed to be able to help my sister and brother-in-law out this morning as they started out on their journey. Seeing the joy, peace and serenity on their faces at the hospital as they were already so in love with Ana gave a feeling beyond description.

There were many funny moments but those are stories for another time. Right now I am happy to celebrate life and welcome beautiful baby Ana.

10 July 2008

Rock the vote

Dear Stalkers,
You can vote in my poll without having to register for an account.
Just do it (say with NY accent). Get in to the political season.

09 July 2008

07 July 2008

Have things gotten boring?

Here is where I have been. This is the Mexican Rivera. We went to some dude's wedding Jason works with.

And I may have also been here....That is Coba, Mexico. We climbed to the top of a Mayan ruin that was at a 60 degree angle. Literally, was shaking in my boots. Jason did not realize how scared I was till he saw my hands. Here is a few shots from the top

I wish I had the pictures that was taken on the beach with all of the other very tan ladies I was with next to my white ass. It was pretty funny. Hope my skin thanks me later.

By the way, wish me happy 29th birthday.

16 June 2008

Is It Really June 16th?

Holy Sh*t! Where have I heard that before? Hmmm...? It seems to me I heard it last week from my supervisor after I told her I was resigning. Frankly, I have never heard so many swear words come out of her mouth. There were more swear words in two hours than in five years.
Yep, that's right folks in the heart of the sweltering Bush recession I quit my job. Brilliant. Life has gotten too scrambled much like my brains so I decided to go forth in to the occupational therapy world as an independent contractor. You know, an inde. Sounds cooler. Yes, with it comes financial uncertainty but I also have the super powers to say no. (a newly acquired skill). Seeing that I already have clients without even advertising I think it will work out just fine
So, after fretting over letting teammates down, losing people's confidence and just feeling down right guilty there is a feeling of peace. Besides, to Quote our nation's leader "...you can't lead in this world if you're chasing something as temporary as a popularity poll."

04 June 2008

Croupy, croupy crap

Yeah, I know the whole point of this blog was to explore life outside of the kid but sometimes that is next to impossible. For example, when your 10 month old gets croup. Croup. Which, I feel, is not appropriately named. I think they should just call it crap or if you need to get fancy or sound medical (croup so fits this) perhaps crapitis. The reasons I think it should be called crap are numerous. Like the first word out of your mouth when the doctor say he has croup is "crap". Crap describes the quality of sleep one gets over the course of a week when said child has croup. Crap also describes the green gobs of snot that pours out the oral and nasal cavities. It describes how one feels as they listen to the little person upstairs cough their brains out (not exaggerating--really, come listen). Not only that but it accurately describes the fluid and food intake of said child during the course of croup. If these reason do not persuade you enough let me know and I will make more.

02 June 2008

Thank you

To the other person who took the time to vote for my two person poll.
Now, I don't feel quite so alone in life.

26 May 2008

First Private Client

So Today I went and saw my first OT client outside of my work at DDRC. I have to day I was pretty nervous and kinda not sure if I would know what to do. The kiddo is older than I see and could give direct feedback.
Since we played legos and had a strong person competition I was told the session was okay and I could come back.
I also applied for a Medicare number to become a provider. This should open up a new door for me. Wider variety of ages and abilities. This is a big step for me.

19 May 2008

Do you work here?

Michael's Crafts is about the best place a gal can go get a picture framed. They will pretty much let you have the freedom to go behind the counter and help your self to frames and mats. It is awesome for a person like me who demands creative control. Just recently I went in to frame a painting Jason's Grandma did for his office and while I was there I was asked not once, or twice but three times for help. That is pure talent folks.
Framing is a weird experience...at least for me. You start down this creative path and forge ahead without looking at the horizon and when you are done you end up some where very unexpected. Beautiful but unexpected. Is this just me? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, here is what I ended up with. (This framing decision took an hour.) I was pretty darn pleased so I thought I would share.

18 May 2008

Tea Reading

Every third Thursday of the month I go over to a different subdivision and sit in on their book club. The women in this group are about 7 to 15 years older than I am. Very Historia Lane for those who watch or know of desperate house wives.
This month we read Three Cups of Tea about the dude that funds and builds schools in basically a huge Middle Eastern war zone. Clearly a non-fiction. This seems to be harder to discuss, at least from this point of view. It is the facts (or embellished facts) of someone's life rather than the underlying message of the character or the book. In the end it is what it is and there is not much to interpret. I like to keep this personal opinion in mind as the discussion happens.
Now, the book discussion asks questions like "What was the importance of Greg not summiting K2?" or "What was the importance of Greg coming to the village of Korphe?" Really, it is a no brainer. And all the other women start talking about if he had not gotten to the village he would not be doing what he is doing....this leads into "deeper" discussion about other cultures. (Same conversation, different book club meeting.) Fast forward to Alice (not her real name) talking about this Muslim woman she is doing some "work on" who has lived in the US for 16 years and holds fast to her Syrian culture by wearing traditional clothing. Alice says this woman feels separated from our society and longs for closer connections to other women. Alice than says well if she took off the "damn garb" maybe she would have better luck. I can't help but see the irony in the fact we are a bunch of white women talking about the amazing life of an American man with an open heart who accepts and respects Middle Eastern culture and as a result changes the world a little at a time and yet ....

By the way, I have added a On the Shelf section to the blog. These are the intent to read books that may be getting dusty.

15 May 2008

All about the PB

This is so sad. I went to log on to post and I already forgot my damn password. I may have to change it each time I log on. This is beside the point....

My whole point is PB Loco has a new flavor peanut butter with caramel. Get a free jar.

To Receive Your Free Jar of P.B.Loco Peanut Butter with Caramel Chunk

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2. Add 4 jars of any peanut butter to your cart.

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3. Enter the coupon code FPBCC.

4. Click "Recalculate" to confirm that $6.95 has been deducted from your order.

All peanut butter must be shipped to the same address for the offer to apply.

Offer expires May 27, 2008.

13 May 2008

Moms Blog Too

My family teases me because I take an insane and slightly obsessive amount of pictures of the boy. In an effort to "balance" out my life and share the many other facets of my very full life I have decided to be brave and create this blog. This in some ways is too bad since just this past weekend I was saying how I should not be left alone with my thoughts. Ha! Now all of you get to share with me. Lucky you. So, please enjoy the madness or the sadness (depending on your view point).