29 August 2008


I am not a political person. I really try to stay out of those conversations at all costs by blatantly ignoring the person who is talking. (How rude.) But...I have to admit I watched Obama's speech last night and I am fired up! If I had a box and a megaphone I would be out in the Tipsy's parking lot campaigning(After a visit to the wine bar to loosen up-- I am an introvert after all). It is true, it got me ready to go sing his praise. Just ask my friend who ate breakfast with me this morning....I saw her tuning out and I kept going like those nuts I ignore.


I am nervous and scared. I think friends should start planning an intervention now.
Is this when it all starts to happen, when people turn to the dark side of becoming political junkies? 30 something, self-employed, free-thinking moms getting turned on to what the future dude in the white house is saying? Should I go find that soap box....

...or maybe I should just start on those damn reports. I need to get paid after all.

21 August 2008

Can we go to bed now?

Just spent five days in a extremely beautiful but very cold place at 9,500 feet in southern Colorado. I am exhausted due to a bad habit of not sleeping well in places other than my own bed. Add a not sleeping very well son into creaky old double bed on sleeping porch of an unheated cabin. Stir well until break of day. Dark circles not required but highly suggested.

Yes, that wood I am chopping is to heat the cabin despite the balmy 55 degree weather. (Upper 30's at night.) Feel really sorry for me.

Or look where I was and say "shut your yap"

Note: I added dates to the really needs to get done list to help create a sense of anxiety for the few readers I have.

13 August 2008

Morning time lapse

6:00 wake up
6:17 - 7:04 fake sleep till kid wakes up
7:05 make bottle and think about changing vet appointment
7:06 - 7:24 change kid's diaper and give bottle
7:25 pour cup of coffee and turn on computer
7:26-7:38 play with kid
7:38 call vet and change appointment
7:38-7:40 freak out a little
7:40-7:50 shower and get dressed
7:50-7:55 make breakfast for the kid
7:55-8:10 Feed kid breakfast and finally enjoy coffee
8:10-8:19 Get kid cleaned up and into clothes, prepare diaper bag, get collars on dogs and put in car, strap kid in car seat
8:19-8:24 Drive to vet
8:25 Get dogs and kid out of car and into vet's office. Stop and wonder how in the WORLD does anyone do this with two kids....