26 November 2008


That is the sound of time passing by and the breeze blowing between my ears. What has come and gone besides time?

Thoughts about an election that brought tears to my eyes from relief and JOY. I bawled like a baby watching both McCain and Obama's speeches. Crying for the defeat of a hero. There was something so real about McCain in that moment. And crying full of hope. I was full of hope for my son's future in this great nation we live in, for the possible change that inevitably will come with change in leadership, for the eradication of old school values and the entrance of a new historical era. (Joy there was no way in HELL Palin would make it to the White House : )) Jason and I did sit on the couch for a while in disbelief as the predicted results came in and the race was decided by 9:30. (What do we do now? Go to bed?)

Then the iron sets in...Obama's victory suddenly is about his race when in his entire campaign it was never mentioned. For two long years Obama was a person first and now the press dis-empowered him (in my opinion). Now, I am not saying this was not a crazy important moment in all of American and Black History but Obama's campaign erased race making it a non-issue. Isn't that the first step to eliminating racism? Just a thought.

No it has been a waiting game. I am anxious to see what 2009 will bring.