15 November 2009

Lend Me Your Ear

The other day Rowan took a 2 plus hour nap. I was so very happy with all this napping going on. Around 4 pm I went up stairs to wake the sleeping lion so bedtime would not be an issue. I open the door to let a little light in. He rustles around in his crib as I scoop him up. I wrap him in a blanket and we go sit in the rocker to wake up. Rowan is facing me on my lap with his head on my shoulder. I pretend to munch on his ear. He sits up and looks at me with disdain then reaches into my mouth and proceeds to put his ear back on.
Some days I just can't stand it.

10 November 2009


A little while back Rowan (my 2 year old) and I were on our way to celebrate Auntie M's birthday. Since it was a work day he and I were driving together and meeting Daddy there. Part of the way through the 20 minute drive to the eating establishment he starts raising Cain from the rear.
"What's wrong?"
"I'm stuck. I want out."
"You have your seat belt on. You have to wear your seat belt when Mama is driving. It keeps you safe. I have my seat belt on."
"Drive faster Mommy!"
I laugh at this. Then to seal the deal he states, "Next time I drive."