16 June 2008

Is It Really June 16th?

Holy Sh*t! Where have I heard that before? Hmmm...? It seems to me I heard it last week from my supervisor after I told her I was resigning. Frankly, I have never heard so many swear words come out of her mouth. There were more swear words in two hours than in five years.
Yep, that's right folks in the heart of the sweltering Bush recession I quit my job. Brilliant. Life has gotten too scrambled much like my brains so I decided to go forth in to the occupational therapy world as an independent contractor. You know, an inde. Sounds cooler. Yes, with it comes financial uncertainty but I also have the super powers to say no. (a newly acquired skill). Seeing that I already have clients without even advertising I think it will work out just fine
So, after fretting over letting teammates down, losing people's confidence and just feeling down right guilty there is a feeling of peace. Besides, to Quote our nation's leader "...you can't lead in this world if you're chasing something as temporary as a popularity poll."

04 June 2008

Croupy, croupy crap

Yeah, I know the whole point of this blog was to explore life outside of the kid but sometimes that is next to impossible. For example, when your 10 month old gets croup. Croup. Which, I feel, is not appropriately named. I think they should just call it crap or if you need to get fancy or sound medical (croup so fits this) perhaps crapitis. The reasons I think it should be called crap are numerous. Like the first word out of your mouth when the doctor say he has croup is "crap". Crap describes the quality of sleep one gets over the course of a week when said child has croup. Crap also describes the green gobs of snot that pours out the oral and nasal cavities. It describes how one feels as they listen to the little person upstairs cough their brains out (not exaggerating--really, come listen). Not only that but it accurately describes the fluid and food intake of said child during the course of croup. If these reason do not persuade you enough let me know and I will make more.

02 June 2008

Thank you

To the other person who took the time to vote for my two person poll.
Now, I don't feel quite so alone in life.