17 October 2008

I want to be a...

Ringmaster. The family went to the Ringling Brothers last weekend. I think it was my first (and last) time going. If there has been circus visits in the past my subconscious has successfully block them out. The title of this round of performances was called "Over the Top". Let me tell you it was enough to drive anyone over the top. As I watched the clowns, tight rope walkers, trapeze artists and other "dancers" I thought to myself during childhood how many people imagine with clarity being the dude that rides the mini bike in the large metal ball? Do they say to themselves "When I grow up I want to be the clown with the green mow hawk."? How does one decide on the career path to be part of the Circus?

It was just strange. Like Chuck E Cheese on crack.

05 October 2008

Well people you may have noticed the change in scenery and not post to say what the heck is going on. It seems these days I am trying to fit my dinner on a cake plate and it simply is not working. The floor is a mess and the dogs are getting fat from the droppings.

Why the change of heart? Most likely it was a heart to heart. There is a split second in life when one realizes there is no easy division between work, home, child and self. That moment came during a Friday at home with the little man. He wasn't feeling well and was crying often. This made for a long day. The only saving grace were these little bottles of bubbles from my sister-in-laws wedding. As I sat on the floor blowing bubbles for like 45 minutes I thought "in case of emergency blow bubbles!". One thing lead to another and voila we have a blog make over. I figure every mother out there knows exactly what that title means. With the new title comes a more authentic style of writing and over all blog.