26 July 2009

King Fisher

A silent a fisher of men
You caught my heart as a little girl
Pulling me to you without words

It’s true; I don’t recall conversation or words you said, nothing exciting or brash
Just tight lipped smiles
Or your uproarious laugh

A quiet mystery in life
And in death
Unraveled through stories told by siblings, friends, pictures and belongings

Perhaps we are the fish and you were the water,
Unaware that it is there until it is gone
Left to seek out our own secret adventures

Written 2006 N.S.

21 July 2009

Hawk Quest

Burstin' at the seams here with stories. Better dole them out nice and slow like.

Saturday Jason and I took our son over to the botanical gardens at Chatfield. It is open with a huge barn with chickens and goats, a stream to throw rocks in, a tree house, bee exhibit, future pumpkin patch...you get the picture. It is a place where young boys can run off energy before nap time. So, we are done throwing rocks in the stream and checking out the pumpkin patch and head towards the bee hives. The boy and I are watching bunnies hop through the bushes when out of no where swoops a hawk. It flies a few feet above my head diving down to capture a tiny baby bunny in it's talons. GASP! A few sparrows are flying near it squawking and scolding the hawk. A meadow lark is actually attached to the hawk's back as it tries to escape with it's lunch.

In the back ground my son asks "Where'd the bunny go?"

I peak around some bushes to see the baby bunny twitching a slow death. Gather up the kid and move quickly to the bee exhibit. Whew, he did not see the baby bunny. Hawk is glad we left and finishes up his interrupted lunch.

20 July 2009

Don't They Look Purdy?

Last mother's day (2008) Jason got me a certificate to St. Jullian's Spa in Boulder. I went once and had some money left over. Well, after the debacle at the doctor's office I decided to use the rest of the certificate and pamper myself. This is the 2nd or 3rd manicure of my life. It was grand.
I took the picture against my hosta so it would be more interesting and in hopes of capturing the rainbow glitter of the polish. I have seriously been making googly eyes at my hands all last week.

PS. Total cholesterol is 153.

14 July 2009

Alive at 35

Yesterday I celebrated with my birthday gift to myself - a physical exam. Turning 29 has really opened my eyes and with that thoughts turned to keeping this body healthy well into my 30's. Going into this appointment I knew there would be blood work since I asked to have my levels checked but there were other surprises in store.

Appointment was at 9:00 (like the best time in the world for an am appointment) and it was required that I fast the night before. So, by 9:15 in the waiting room I was a little cranky.(After all my morning coffee is half the reason I get up each day.) There is no paperwork to fill out.

The nurse's aide calls me in and tells me to pee in a cup then wait for the doctor. No problem since I had drank 30 ounces of water between 8 and 9. I do my duty and go to wait for the doctor. He is new to me. I am nervous because he is a man. But he turns out to be very gentle and kind hearted. Dr. G takes my medical history and then does the physical check. So far so good.

"Everything looks good from my end."

Super. Let's draw some blood. I am wasting away. Then he pulls up the stool. Looks through his notes.

"So, have you ever had a mammogram?"
"Yes, about 10 years ago." (Feeling anxious)
"At your age there are some tests that I recommend. One is a mammogram. The blood work, which we are doing, and a baseline echo cardiogram."

Blink. Blink. Look like a scared rabbit. My age? Stutter and look very confused.

"A mammogram?" (Never mind he also wants to check my HEART.)

"Yes. Starting at age 35 the American Medical Association likes for us to get a baseline of the breast tissue to compare with as time passes. It is good to get the baselines for that and the EKG now."

The gravity of the situation sets in. OMG, I just turned old. May as well start looking for a good retirement community. I remain in a state of shock. Wait, it is not over yet...

"When is the last time you had a tetanus shot?"

Damn it.


They should warn people about this. Perhaps have a grief counselor in the room or something. And it does not help that I ended my day with a physical therapy appointment for my "bad" hip (Said in an old crackly voice).

12 July 2009

White Noise

Hey y'all. You know that feeling of being run over by a freight train. Yep, I am there. People, people, people.

I have been thinking. (Danger.) I play white noise for my son when he sleeps. It sounds like an old dial radio when the station cuts out. I think I would like to install a set of small speakers behind my ears. When I want to tune out I simply reach up and touch my ear lobe and viola the white noise comes on and I hear nothing. Like when that one person follows me around with insentient chatter instead of being driven to drink I turn on the noise and everyone is happy. Motrin would end up going out of business and our house would become dry (...well...that last one is a far stretch) I would not have to use such a BIG verbal screen. I could just smile. And thanks to Beckman the corners of my mouth might actually turn up.

By the way, I think 29 will be a fantastic year. And after looking at my upper arms in these pictures I think some push ups are in order.

Some pictures of all of the recent whoop-la.

p.s. The last entry was deep thoughts that rarely get to escape the depth of this crazed brain...scary...

07 July 2009

That which must not be named

There are words that roll around in ones mouths like misplaced pieces of gravel, sand or grit. They scrape against teeth and gums making it uncomfortable for the mouth. As if over use or misuse of the word would cause a bloodied mess.

Light hearted thoughts for a 29th re-birthday. Albeit a good day.

01 July 2009

Work horse in the morning and slacker in the afternoon...no wonder things fall behind.