29 October 2009

28 October 2009

Two Faced-book

Flawed logic may just be my best "gift". I am sure other people out there have felt these things or thought something similar but perhaps not said them out loud. Here is a great example.
Facebook is an time sucking black hole that reminds me a little of high school. And yet....
So, I am pretty sure everyone has friends on their FB that are not really friends. People acting like a notch in your FB belt. People, who, if you saw in public you might just duck behind a post or down in the booth to avoid seeing them. Pretty sure this is the case. Or maybe it is just my case. Anyway, the other day I realized I had been "de-friended" by a person who used to work in the same circle of people I do. Haven't seen or talked to this person in well over a year...going on two. Did not really care for this person in the first place and still I was flustered by the sudden severing of our precious FB connection. How dare they! Just because I ignored an invitation to their FB group. Please.
This also got me thinking. Hmm, so if a person has like 459 friends would they even notice someone missing? Maybe I just need a few hundred more notches in my belt.

Side note: snow day today. Beautiful. WAY behind in all possible things. But got to spend time with the boy (who I could kiss 24-7). The other day it took an hour to fall asleep for his nap. Today I thought I would just put him down later. Hmmm, it took him an hour to fall asleep today. Flawed logic.

13 October 2009

25 ways to Kill Time

1. Blog - of course
2. Facebook - every procrastinator's best friend
3. Organize your photos and end up looking through all 3000 of them
4. Clean up the desk
5. Tweeze & shape eyebrows
6. Bake cookies
7. Go check the mail
8. Pretend to do billing
9. Sit an stare at the mess in the basement
10. Trim bangs
11. Start a letter to a friend but get distracted looking for a pen
12. Shine shoes
13. Go through your old t-shirt drawer
14. Start a home project and quit half way through
15. People.com
16. Garnet Hill magazine
17. Stare at your half painted basement
18. Pace around the living room aimlessly moving piles of papers
19. Shred some of the "shred pile"
20. Look through Costco coupons for items you don't need
21. Stop by TJMax to look at shoes, socks, soap and purses
22. Make a cup of tea
23. Start reading a book and fall asleep
24. Browse Craig's list
25. Make a to do list for tomorrow

12 October 2009

02 October 2009

Flu POO!

I am pretty sure I should be sanding the damn credenza (the one that belonged to my great grandma, the one that has been in the garage since late July, the one taking up my husband's parking spot) right now. I am hand sanding. Really wish I could plug in the power sander but the kid is sleeping and the credenza is in the garage right below his room. Damn. Been sanding for an hour...time to goof off at the computer while the tiger is sleeping.

Rowan and I went to go get flu shots at the Take Care Clinic today. We waited 2 hours! Please imagine 2 hours waiting in Walgreens with a two year old boy (play mini violin). We managed. Rowan was SUCH A GOOD BOY. After waiting, and waiting, and waiting we see the nurse practitioner who tells us we are getting one of the last vaccines. Well...that was worth half the wait. Not that I am so inclined to wait for a SHOT. Now, I turn white and get light headed just LOOKING at a needle and I have to put on a brave face for my son? No problem. Get the shot, the nurse does pretty good. I do pretty good considering I got it standing up. My little angel of a son takes his shirt off, sits on my lap and says "My turn for sharp in the arm." He lets me hold his hands down and the nurse tells him to watch my face. She pokes him with the needle, he turn and watches the vaccine go in then she removes the needle. What a dude! Then HOWL! My poor baby exclaims, "She hurt me." My sentiments exactly.