09 July 2010

Cha Cha Cha

I have never been one for birthdays, at least my own birthday. It seems once I reached 13 birthdays were just another minor disappointment in life. The importance of the day lay with the person having the birthday. This year I wanted to be different. Create my own day. But it turned out surprising...
I told Jason to think out side of the box this year and surprise me. I honestly was not expecting much (Sad on my part). A few weeks back he asked me for two days in July where I could meet for up to an hour and a half for this project he was working on. I assumed it was for this leadership conference he ha attended and was finishing in July (he was reading a book on balancing work, person and home). I gave him the 7th and 15th. The 7th just happened to be my birthday.
On the night of the 5th I asked for more information since I needed to plan my work week. He refused and said I would get it Wednesday morning. Intriguing...my curiosity started to peak. Meanwhile I had accepted a consult in Georgetown (which I mistook for a 30 minute drive instead of the 50 minutes it actually took). On the morning of the 7th on the way to the 9:30 consult in BFG I got a text with directions. I called to confirm the time. 11:00. Shit, I don't think I can make it back down by 11. Can I get there by 11:15? NO?! Was I spoiling my birthday by making a silly mistake. I pleaded not to cancel and I would work it out.
Leaving the consult 10 minutes early I speed down the interstate hoping not to get pulled over. I managed to make it to the mystery location by 11:12. Jason said she will wait. In the parking lot I still had no clue what we were doing until I saw the sign..."Adventures in Dance". Awww.....he took me dancing.
What a great surprise. We talked about dance lessons forever and he remembered. After we were done I was given flowers, a card and taken to lunch. What a dude!