29 March 2010

If the human brain were so simple
that we could understand it, we would
be so simple that we couldn't.
Emerson M. Pugh

25 March 2010

For Real?

I am busy working on billing this afternoon and decide to take a break and go to the potty. When I was walking back to my desk to return to billing I felt like a had a major underwear malfunction. What the crap. I reach back to adjust and grabbed way too much material. WHAT? I reach down the back of my jeans and pull out a SOCK! Yes people, I had been walking around all morning (visiting clients) with a sock in my crotch. So sweet. At least I know what happened to that other missing sock....

19 March 2010

This year (and last) have been hard years for many, many people. I think about this quite often. On those days that feel more difficult due to lack of time, money or energy I think about others. Although the economy is on an up turn people are continuing to lose jobs or take pay decreases to keep a job. There have been some friends or friends of friends who are morning the loss of children, family or other loved ones. Others are morning lost opportunity, lost homes, lost cars.

Thinking of all those things puts life into perspective for me.

10 March 2010

Get up, Stand up

This morning 7 am
"Mom, you pee standing up."
"Rowan, I can't pee standing up. I don't have a penis."
"Mom! You don't have a penis. YOU PEE STANDING UP."
"I can't."
"You can stand OVER the potty."
"Yes, I suppose I could."

Rowan has been peeing standing up, if you couldn't tell.

In other news, had another bout of not my kid today.

Here is the ironic part of the situation...on the way to pick up Rowan I was thinking about how nice it was since he has been going on the potty. He sure smells better when I pick him up from Papa's. Then I thought I bet Papa is so happy not to be changing poopy diapers. It's a good thing we haven't had a poop smearing episode in a while....

And once again it all boils down to a load of crap and body humor. You are welcome.

07 March 2010

Procrastination is opportunity's natural assassin.

04 March 2010

Woof! Dog or Master?

The other night Rowan was roaming around the dining room table in a bear crawl panting like a dog. He stops under his chair and licks the floor.
"Rowan, don't lick the floor. That's gross."
He looks up, smiles, and licks the floor.
"Rowan! Look at Mommy. Don't lick the floor. There are all kinds of germs on the floor that can make you sick. You don't want a tummy ache."
Smirks. Licks the floor.
"Rowan! You are not a dog. DON'T LICK THE FLOOR!"
He sits down on his feet, cocks his head to one side touching his ear to his shoulder, wags his finger at me and says, "Well, act-truly I am."

Last night at dinner we were being ordered around by one very assertive 2 1/2 year old. Lot of nnnnooooosss and Daddy you do this and Mama you do that. Finally I asked who is in charge and IMMEDIATELY Rowan raised his hand.

P.S. Rowan went potty at daycare two days in a ROW! (Just once each day but I'll take it!)

02 March 2010

Just around the corner

Welcome March.....looking forward to thinking green.