28 January 2009

25 January 2009


The grown up only weekend was post-phoned till next weekend. I was so let down. We did have one night to ourselves. My feelings of disappointment totally got in the way of being able to enjoy it. Plus, I feel even further behind with the basement and life in general.

Seriously -- I need not be so --- serious.

20 January 2009

I was just wondering if someone would like to come finish the basement project?

13 January 2009

Forward Progress

I think I am actually making some despite spending way too much time on other social networks. Work is coming along. I would say I am almost caught up. Now I can plan the basement update. Here is a before picture for you. GASP!This may explain the previous blog entry. Never fear it does not still look like this but I will not show more pictures until the face lift is complete. Just FYI - blue carpet with pink walls (not that you can see them in the picture). That is what we are dealing with now. At any rate anything will be a huge improvement.

Put some pictures up of the hubby and I. We do still have fun together. In fact we are having an adults only weekend (sorry losers no plans for baby making.) soon. The kid and dogs are being schlepped off to grandma and grandpa's and we are free! Not sure what we will be doing...

Off to complete my most productive day by going to the post office.

09 January 2009

So an incredible amount of work has been done to get the basement clean and organized. It is very close to being livable. Got to thinking about the way people live their lives - like those who are extremely organized verses those who live on the edge of chaos. I think there is a certain level of constant pressure and maybe a little adrenaline mixed in when you always wait till the last minute to do things, take on more than you can handle and over extend. Some poeple (like myself) seem to thrive in it. If everything is done and in its place what is left to do?
Of course, I could do things like work out again, plan my garden, read a book. Hmm...I could even start those hobbies I used to do - go draw something or take a picture of something other than my son. Connect with myself again. Outrageous!

08 January 2009

1:38 Sleeping hard sprawled out on stomach, likely drooling on the pillow. Enter husband with child. Butt jiggle. "Neve." Pause. "Neve." Butt jiggle. "Your son is asking for you."

"Hi Mom. Hi Mama. Mom"

Take ear plugs out, sit up and reach for son. Listen to husband comment on how he has not gotten any sleep yet. Curse inside head at husband. Take son in other room. Attempt to rock him. Son gets mad son just wanted to see mom. Wants back in crib. Fine.

"Night-night Mama."

1:43 Crawl back in warm bed. Sigh. "Mom!" Now louder "Mom!" Listen to coughing turn into crying. "Muuuummmaaaa!" Who the hell taught this kid to yell louder? Right. That would be me. Get up put on sweat shirt and go get son. Son a drink of water for whatever is in his throat. Put him back in bed. Son cries immediately. Cruse in head. Go warm up milk. Give son milk and momentarily dread upcoming days of weaning from bottle. Seriously, what is the harm in bottle feeding till 2? I do know the answer and IGNORE IT.

1:58 Take sweat shirt off and crawl back in bed. Let son who is changed and full cry it out.

2:03 Everyone falls back to sleep.

5:58 "Mom! Dada! Mum!" Shhh! Ignore son. He falls back to sleep. YES!

6:57 Get up to shower and let cursid husband sleep.

Footnote: Not sure why Rowan is doing the posting. Surprise he uses short sentences and types.
Change the blog so ANYONE can comment WITHOUT logging in. So please feel free to conversate with me.

05 January 2009

HA! It happens to men too!

Yesterday my husband comes home from taking crap to storage and picking up dinner. We sit down to eat and he says "I had those movies next to me in the car to return. I went into McDonalds to the RedBox and look down to realize the movies I had were from Netflix. I walked all the way in with to return movies at the wrong place." I can't tell you how something that little and stupid made me feel sooo good.

On another note, good day for learning how to "deal" with insurance companies. I investigated my first claims put in under my business.

04 January 2009

Can I Get an Order of Crazy with a Side of Neurotic?

Crazy Dreams

1. Dream there is a super-human baby made of silly putty rubber and laser eyes is chasing me through a college campus with a wooded camp site in the middle of it. The baby keeps trying to burn me with it's blue laser eyes. I can't seem to shake it. I manage to smash it enough so it's rubber body stick to the ground in the middle of the camp ground. I run like hell in to a giant glass atrium/library type building. I run up these winding moving stairs (like in Harry Potter) and run into Santa Claus. I show him pictures of the evil super-human baby and beg him to help me. I see the super baby coming after me out of the corner of my eye. I start begging Santa to help me. I wake up whimpering to my husband trying to clam me by stroking my forehead.

2. Driving in a metro area. At a four way stop light in the right hand turn lane. There has just been a bad accident and there are huge shards of glass in the middle of the intersection. I really don't want to damage my car so I swerve to the left. The light changes and a lady in a red VW Rabbit starts to go before I am done turning. I know she will hit me and she does rear end me. As I get rear ended I look around and think I swerved a little to far over and this really should be my fault. Motion to the woman through my rear view mirror to pull over to the curb. I pull over and park, get out of my car and start heading towards this drive way. I bend down to examine the rear bumper of this Gold Lexus SUV and think the damage is barely noticeable. I start to wonder where the hell this lady is, stand up and realize I am looking at the wrong car. My car is parked on the curb about 1/2 block away with the lady in the red car waiting.

Crazy in Real Life
1.My son is sick. I have to go get a prescription at Walgreen's. I get some pedisure while I am there since he has not been eating that great. I go to the pharmacy counter to pick up the drugs and pay for the pedisure. The pharmacist rings it up and I hand him my flex savings card. The register kicks back the charge for the pedisure. "That is a bunch of crap." flies right out of my mouth. I have to explain to the pharmacist that it is not him that I am made at but the flex plan. I pay for the pedisure with my debit card. He hands me the receipt and throws the extra coupons that print out in the trash (I think this is the receipt for the pedisure). Walk out to the car and look at the receipt. run back in flaming mad thinking I was charged twice for the pedisure, after all the pharmacist threw the receipt out. I explain my case the the manager. He explains to me both charges are on one receipt. I look, once, blink, twice, it sinks in. I blush, apologize and walk out.
2. I have addressed a group of new year's cards to send out. I set the semi-addressed cards in one pile and the complete cards in another. I put stamps and return addresses on all of them. I drop them in the community mail box on Friday. Several hours later I panic. I dropped the ones without full addresses in the mailbox. Crap. Now I will have to wait till Monday to get them. My Aunt comes over and I tell the story. Oh wait, tomorrow is Saturday and I can go get them from the post guy. Saturday I get really distracted by plans to update the basement. My son is sleeping and I decided to take a shower before he wakes up. As I am getting dress I realize that mail is probably coming. Look out the window and confirm this to be true. Hair wet and uncombed I throw on jeans, t-shirt (no bra), shoes (no socks)and a jacket. I run to the post box and explain my predicament. The postman lets me look through the letters. Mine are all fully addressed and ready to go. I look away and sheepishly say thanks and run home like Forest Gump.