25 January 2010

Rowan's "Nap"

"My Mom is a baby."
"My Mom has a baby."
"My Mom is a big baby."
"Itsy bitsy spider...dup, dup, dup..."
"A,B,C,D, now I know next time sing with me."
"My Cow. My cow. I can't find my cow. I lost my cow (fake cry)."
"My SOOOCCCCKKKK!I lost my sock. I lost my sock. MOOOOOMMMMM! I lost my sock."
"I lost my water. I lost my otter."
Silence for a few minutes.
"Rock in the dark."
"No potty in the diaper."
"Get out of the way. Get out out of the way. Get in your way."
"I see the horses inside." Snorts.
??? High pitched something or other.???
"Mom. George died!"
More high pitched.
"Dad. You are at work."
"Mom. You are bad"
"Mom I got it. Mom I got it. Mom I got it. I got it. I got it on my feet. Mom I got it.
I got my sock on. I got my sock on. I got my sock on by myself. I got my sock on by myself. I got my sock on by myself." (edited for length)
"It's time to wake up. Knock knock. IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP! Wake up in thirty minutes. Time to wake up in thirty minutes. I got my sock on Mom. It's time to wake up. I got my sock on. I got my sock on. I need my feet on."
This is just a small sample over the course of his "napping" hour.

24 January 2010

Sunday Reds and Blues

Sundays make me crabby. Just plain crab-assity. Of course today was no exception. My morning was spent apologizing to Jason in advance, deep breathing and biting my tongue. Managed to make pancakes for breakfast, get the kid dressed and drag my feet getting clothes on myself. Sunday grocery shopping...yippie. Make it out the door about an hour and a half after making the plan to go. Super. The husband is asking me if I want to take a ski lesson on the way to Vitamin Cottage. Glaring at him I tell him to ask me on Wednesday. My agitation is bubbling up until we pull into the parking lot and there it is all shiny and red.....
West Metro Fire Rescue
Leaping out of the car I get the kid out of the back seat. We get out and look at the wee-ooo weee-ooo. I can hardly contain myself. We run inside to go find the driver. Look! There he is! Mr. Firefighter walks over and shakes Rowan's hand. Speechless. Rowan tells me we are going to the fire station later tonight as we walk away. But it gets better - after shopping around for a few minutes the fire guys are leaving. I pick Rowan up and we run outside to watch the truck leave.
Standing out in front of Vitamin Cottage the fire guys turn on their lights. Too cool. Then the door opens and one of the fire guys gets out and asks Rowan if he want to come get inside his truck! No way! Rowan is smiling ear to ear. We sat in the truck and tried the fire guys hat on. Rowan even got a badge. What nice guys. We even called Grandpa Randy to let him know we got in the fire engine.
Funny thing, as we drove away I think I saw my crabby attitude laying in the parking lot.

14 January 2010

The Run Around

Rushing around the house disheveled and unprepared for the day, last night's dinner dishes glare at me as I walk by the kitchen counter. I glare back. They just need to shut their dirty mouths. How is possible to wake up three hours before you need leave the house and still manage to be late to a first appointment? It begs the question of nature verses nurture. Thoughts are loud in my head. I think to myself as I fill my water bottle - if I talked out loud instead of in my head people would think I was crazy and I never shut up. This could be part of my slight insomnia problem. Grab a protein bar and trip out the door.
Driving to the first appointment the internal dialogue continues. How is it I can spend hours organizing, revising and refining so many aspects of life and still end up five minutes late tripping out the door? The whole point of the huge epiphany during the damn cocktail party was to finally get my shit together so there would be time for other things that had gone to the wayside. I look at all these people who a remote and direct part of my life doing all of the things I used to. Creating for themselves and others. I miss it. Life drawing, painting, photography. Something has got to give.

One of the themes of 365 is reducing waste. I really need to stop wasting time.

09 January 2010

Anyone care for a muffin?

Yesterday I set out to write a blog entry about the project, it's goals and my progress. As you can see it never happened (see below). It turns out I live my life much like my son's favorite book right now, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin"(www.lauranumeroff.com), which is highly distracted and often forgetting the point of what I set out to do. (On a side note, I will learn how to add links and other crap in my blog). Digressing again. Anyway, it is 11:00 and I need to go to bed thus I do not have time to go into the goals. I will leave you with this. Over the weekend I finished up one unfinished project and created the foundation for a budget to track spending (with Hubby's help) in quicken. Over the past month I have done pilates three times a week. You can also read my started post.

The first blog entry of the year is posted on January 9th. This, friends, is so very fitting for a few reasons. I am a full fledged member of PA, procrastinators Anonymous. If there were a gene for procrastination I have it. My life provides a strong argument on behalf of nurture is a stronger influence than nature. You get the picture. Most importantly it is part of the 365 new year renewal project. Friends, it is not as bad as it looks. Sometimes, people have to prioritize. Not a skill that comes naturally to me but I am doing better.